Rodizio Restaurant Goes Smoke Free

Rodizio Restaurant Goes Smoke Free

Rodizio Restaurant management in Riverwalk Mall, Gaborone have taken a decision to go smoke free as of 19th September 2019. The decision follows an engagement with the Anti Tobacco Network (ATN) on how they can best comply with the Control of Smoking Act to protect their customers and employees from second hand smoke.

Initially, the restaurant had made the outdoor sitting area the smoking area although it shared the entrance with the non-smoking area which is the inside of the restaurant. This was against the current Control of Smoking Act as section 4 of the Act requires that smoking areas should be “physically detached from the rooms where smoking is not allowed, or, where they are not physically detached, that they are separately ventilated;” Rodizio has since totally banned smoking in their premises.

When commenting on this development, ATN Executive Director Dr Bontle Mbongwe applauded Rodizio management and assured them that the decision will not harm their business in any way as most customers have been complaining about exposure to second hand smoke in public places. She further highlighted that the decision should be a motivation to other businesses to also comply with the Control of Smoking Act and ensure that their customers and employees are protected from second hand smoke.

Rodizio becomes the second restaurant in Riverwalk Mall to go smoke free, joining Mugg & Bean which banned smoking in 2017 also through the assistance of ATN.

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