Hubbly Bubbly...Not So Lovely

Hubbly Bubbly...Not So Lovely

Many hubbly bubbly (also known as shisha, hookah) smokers seem to think that the sweetened tobacco they smoke through water pipes is different, less addictive and less harmful than the regular tobacco found in cigarettes. This confusion is caused by the misleading information put forward by those who market the product.

The truth of the matter is; Smoking hubbly bubbly can in fact be even more harmful and risky than smoking regular cigarettes. In a session lasting about an hour, a shisha smoker can inhale as much smoke as the equivalent to that from 100 or more cigarettes. So the shisha smoker is actually absorbing higher levels of dangerous chemicals than the regular cigarette smoker.

The smoke itself is highly concentrated and is combined with the fumes and toxins emanating from the coals and the fuels used for lighting the pipe. The social nature of the activity – the fact that friends meet-up to share a smoke – makes it seem like a harmless social pastime when it is actually an addictive health hazard that affects all users, including unsuspecting passers-by via second-hand smoke.

Hubbly bubbly contains harmful substances such as nicotine (addictive), tar, carbon monoxide and heavy metals (arsenic, cobalt and lead). Therefore smoking hubbly can lead to long term health effects; cancer, heart disease, respiratory disease, impotence and skin wrinkling.

Anti Tobacco Network (ATN)