About us

ATN is a non-governmental, non-profit organization legally registered by the Registrar of Societies on April 7, 2011. Our offices are located at the University of Botswana. We recognize tobacco use as an increasingly important contributor to premature death and ill-health in the developing world. The diseases for which tobacco use is an important risk factor—cancers, respiratory diseases and cardiovascular diseases—are taking an increasing toll in less developed countries and among low income groups in many countries. Poor people are especially vulnerable to harm from tobacco use. It is on these basis that ATN exists to work closely with the Government and other stakeholders to address key issues of concern such as tobacco advertising, promotion  and sponsorship including the sale of tobacco products  to children and other vulnerable groups.

To create an enabling environment, where stakeholders in various institutions can work together in a coordinated manner, to make a lasting impact in controlling and reducing tobacco use in Botswana.

A tobacco-free Botswana.

  • Integrity - ATN will act in a transparent manner in all its undertakings. In recognition of its position as a Non- Governmental organization that relies on donor and public funds and therefore answerable to donors nationally and internationally, ATN is committed to demonstrating accountability to both governments and Civil Society.

  • Ethical –ATN, its employees and members will operate in an ethical manner, in order to meet government laws and regulations, standards set by professional organizations and customers’ standards and values

  • Diversity - Recognizing that the plurality of ATN lies at the heart of its strength, ATN will respect the diversity of its stakeholders and Batswana in fulfilling its mission. It is committed to the equality of opportunity for all and to respect for difference.

  • Ingenuity -Recognizing the scale and scope of the challenges facing the tobacco control movement in Botswana, ATN is committed to acting as a catalyst that brings stakeholders together to generate creative and innovative solutions and promote thoughtful analysis and learning.

  • Networking - Recognizing that effective, responsive and accountable governance requires the inputs of all stakeholders, ATN will share the learning generated by different stakeholders. It is committed to inspiring dialogue from the bottom up, promoting consultations, building consensus and facilitating convergence, forging partnerships and engaging diverse stakeholders in participatory governance 


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